What does SMTP stand for?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the generally accepted protocol for outgoing e-mail.

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What is SMTP service?

The ability to provide E-mail services to clients includes two critical functions: SMTP and...

What port does SMTP run on?

Hostwire's SMTP server runs on port 25.

Can I use my own SMTP server?

Certainly. With your account you have the ability to use your own SMTP server. This allows you...

What do I use for my SMTP (outgoing) mail server?

Use the following syntax for your SMTP (outgoing) Mail server: mail.yourdomain.com If you have...

How much e-mail can I send out through the SMTP server at once?

Our SMTP server can handle a very large number (250) of outgoing e-mails per second, enabling...